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Mia Dio

on Bouquet de Jasmin

What I love about it is that It's not like that obnoxious scent of vanilla that you get from the cheap candles and stuff. It's like a really classy, sweet, Vanilla scent.

Miss Vill

on Voile de Vanille

This is definitely a good fresh Rose, i get the Citrus from it very well, I get the Plum and the Lemon. I think they blend together very nicely with the Rose.

Lexis Fragrances

on Murmure de Rose

Excellent aroma and long-lasting


on Touche de Cardamome

It is my dad's favorite perfume, it is and always will be an excellent perfume


on Vent de Vetiver



A graduate from the prestigious ISIPCA school of perfumery, Caroline has been a SOZIO perfumer for the past 13 years. Caroline loves precision, and as a perfectionist, she develops her accords methodically and patiently. Inspired by the utmost craftsmanship of the famous French “Maisons de Couture,” she has created exquisite fragrances for Chaumet, Givenchy, and Jaeger Lecoultre. She also loves to experiment with scents for the beauty care market, where she has signed famous fragrances for Nuxe, Sothys, and Payot. Caroline has a sweet tooth and tends to bring this playful aspect in her olfactive compositions. When she crafted Bouquet de Jasmin, she modernized the floral by incorporating mandarin, peach, and vanilla to this white flower bouquet.


Composition: Bouquet de Jasmin

Emmanuelle received her diploma from the ISIPCA school of perfumery and worked in the Lancôme Research and Development laboratory. In 2006, Emmanuelle joined SOZIO. Inspired by her curiosity and love of travel to find new scents and olfactive memories, she always seeks to express her sensibility and sense of composition. Her olfactive signature emphasizes the simplicity of rare ingredients while playing with the blends' sophistication to reveal the true emotion of fragrances. She is the author of scents for brands Dana, Laurent Dornel, and Comptoir Sud Pacifique amongst others, and has developed Murmure de Rose,Voile de Vanille, and Instinct de Voyage for Arts et Matières.


Compositions: Murmure de Rose,Voile de Vanille, and Instinct de Voyage

After graduating from ISIPCA in 2003, Alexandra joined the ranks of DROM perfumers. There, she fully developed into the seasoned perfumer she is today: she loves working the raw materials such as patchouli for its vibrancy and sense of “life” once it touches someone’s skin. She also likes playing with edible notes and is very keen on musky, clean notes, evoking freshly washed linens. One of her fondest olfactive memories is L’Heure Bleue de Guerlain, for its complexity and simplicity all at once. When asked about developing scents reminiscent of Paris, Alexandra was truly inspired to create two masculine fragrances for Arts et Matières: Touche de Cardamome,Arome d’Ambre and Ode Sensuelle


Compositions: Touche de Cardamome,Arome d’Ambre, and Ode Sensuelle

Graduated from ISIPCA school of perfumery in 1983, Corinee started her career at Florasynth. She then joined the perfumers' team at Creations Aromatiques and finally joined DROM in 1994, where she has been a master perfumer ever since. For Corinne, the perfumer profession is one of sensitivity, curiosity, and ongoing research. It is a privilege to do such a job, and it allows her to reproduce as faithfully as possible what nature has to offer. Her olfactive universe is diverse and eclectic: sparkling green notes to sensual resins and balsams. She truly enjoys creating masculine notes with character, spices, and lots of contrasts, for Arts et Matières. Corinne let her creativity run free to develop Vent de Vetiver.


Composition: Vent de Vetiver

Our Main Ingredients

High Quality Cruelty-Free, Natural Ingredients


Sungrown in the soil of France for thousands of years, Blackcurrants are a traditional french fruit. It exudes a fruity fragrance and has sulfurous and aromatic notes, giving it a lasting, sparkling character. Our blackcurrants provide a rich origin from the best soil, making an enticing aroma in our perfumes.

Rosa Centifolia

The French Rose, known as Rosa Centifolia, is used to produce one of the highest quality rose fragrances. Extracting the oil from the flower petals of centifolia roses grown in Pégomas, France, provides the perfect solvent for our fragrances, providing a rich, exquisite scent that blends extraordinarily well with the skin.

Jasminum grandiflorum

Grown in the Caribbean's perfume fields, the fragrant double white flowers "Jasminum grandiflorum," known as Royal jasmine, proffers a delicate yet delightful aroma to our perfumes.

Vanilla tahitensis

Influenced by its soil, the vanilla beans produced at Tahiti in the French Polynesia are considered highly gourmet and rare due to the exact temperatures and ingredients the soil provides for its quality growth. Its rich Coumarin scent provides exquisite fragrance, allowing our perfumes to possess the highest quality vanilla extract available in the world.

Cistus Ladanifer

Grown in the Mediterranean, Cistus Ladanifer produces Labdanum, a rich aroma with a high resemblance of amber. Labdanum is used in our fragrances to avoid whale's involvement in our amber production.

Elettaria cardamomum

First used by the Greeks and Romans for its warm, spicy, and exotic aromatic smell, Elettaria cardamomum is known for its fantastic aroma. Cultivated in Guatemala as the world's third-most expensive spice, our fragrances contain a high content of cardamomum extract due to its excellent storage conditions. The high concentration of extract allows for our perfumes aroma to be rich and robust.

Carte noir Mandarines

Carte noir Mandarines, cultivated in Valencia, otherwise known as the "The Orchard of Spain," - guarantee our citrus' quality. Its fresh aroma makes a great addition to our floral compositions and gives our fragrances a fresh touch.

Chrysopogon Zizanioides

From la Réunion in the french prairie, where the highest quality vetiver oil is known as 'bourbon vetiver' is produced, its excellent fixative properties are known to increase the tenacity of a fragrance. It supplies a manly scent in all our perfumes.



Paris is a collection of perfumes; Powerful fragrances, yet so ephemeral and inimitable, intangible to the tough, yet so vivid in the mind. Each fragrance was created with Arts et Matières. In each fragrance, everything is reflected: scent, color, image, words… Olfactive compositions of the highest quality conceived by prestigious perfumers, developed and manufactured following the rules of the art.

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It’s been called the most beautiful city in the world.The City of Lights, the City of Love and none of them do it justice. The truth is that we all have Paris in our hearts, whether it is a precious moment, an unforgettable story, a dream that changes you or a lifetime romance. Paris is effortless by simply being Paris. This is where my journey takes me. When the universe conspires and you finally meet that stranger that is destined to change your life.


We met on a bridge called Le Pont de L’archeveché. He smiled and I melted. I guess that was enough; the attraction was there. More than anything, I remember the scent of jasmine, Lily of The Valley and peonies filling the crisp, fresh May air. We walked and talked and he told me his story and I told him mine. I never felt so alive and suddenly it was all crystal clear. In the waters of the Seine,I saw the reflection of my dreams come true.


Our strolls took us through Saint Germain de Pres, Montparnass and Le Marais. Our first kiss was under the silver-green shade of a weeping willow tree at the Square du Vert-Galant. What is it about this city that makes me see and feel in a way that doesn’t happen anywhere else? I found that falling in love in Paris and with Paris evokes the same feelings. Filled with love and laughter, each street, each bridge, each park calls to mind a stolen moment, a timeless embrace and a mysterious scent.


I wish this love to never die and found that no memory is possible without perfume. It has the power to transport you and it has the power to help you fall in love. Like Paris, parfume is ephemeral and eternal and it is from this truth that two strangers in love in Paris guide you through their memories of the city by creating Arts et Matières Parfum Collection.