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While strolling through Paris, the magnificent scent of the multiple gardens emanated. It was so rich that it would be noticeable from blocks away; it was as if the Garden were whispering to me. I was drawn to this aura like a magnet and pursued finding one of these many Gardens.

Filled with determination, I found an entrance to the Graden through an archway. The white contrast of the archway and the roses captivated my vision and its delight to the senses. As I entered the Garden, the aroma intensified. Beautiful pink roses surrounded me, and its scent filled my nostrils. It was indeed a gem, and I wanted to share it with the world.

It was this adventure which inspired me to create Murmure the Rose. Like a memory of the multiple gardens of roses surrounding Paris's streets, this perfume starts with fruity scents to blend with the dusted Muguet flowers, followed by lilies and violets. These redolences reveal the magnificent composition of this Rose. 

 PRODUCT DETAILS: Family: Chypre, Floral, Fruity